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Reikicentrum & spirituele winkel de Oorsprong55
Marcel en Annette Vis

Phonenumber and reachability
Reachable from 11h00 to 18h00 (sometimes we can’t answer the phone for a moment, but you can always leave a message, then we’ll call you asap.)

We prefer personal or telephone contact. Therefore no email address is listed on our website.

Westerbaenstraat 79, 2513 GG Den Haag

  • The Reiki center and the shop have the same entrance. Because this is not a shop door (we also do not have a shop window), but a regular front door, it is necessary to ring the doorbell. You will than enter directly in a shop.

Openinghours shop
Our shop is open by appointment only….read more about Private shopping

Perfume free please:
If you know in advance that you’ll come to our shop, than know that we really appreciate it if you don’t use any odor that day. Read more here.

Within Reikicentrum de Oorsprong we work together with Robert Kramps (Reiki Works): 06-29458066 – > not for questions about the shop.

Also see the page Opening hours

Reiki cursussen en behandelingen en spirituele winkel in Den Haag