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Request for Perfume free

If you know in advance that you’ll come to our shop, than know that we really appreciate it if you don’t use any perfume, perfumed deodorant or other perfumed products that day. Below we would like to explain why …… and also which brands are – also for your own health – okay to use.

On the one hand, more and more brands of detergents, soaps, creams, etc. switch to perfume-free (and also often free of parabens, etc.). On the other hand, there are also more and more products in which only more perfume is used. Unfortunately, these perfumes are pretty harmful. (Do not take the term ‘natural’ to serious, because unfortunately it does not say anything about whether or not synthetic or other harmful substances are present).

Detoxification reaction
We take good care of our health and therefore do not use harmful perfumes and so on. These two things combined, make that we perceive the perfume much more strongly than people who hardly smell it anymore due to regular use. Even more troublesome is that we get a detoxification reaction almost immediately (even if the smell is nice). The result is a chapped throat and a lot of sniffling (depending on which perfume, sometimes even the next day). Especially when many people who use perfume come to our shop during the day, it’s not pleasant.

Many people have no idea how strong the perfume is that they’re using. Clothes that you sprayed the day before can also have a very strong smell – although you often do not smell them anymore. Even fewer people realize that there are quite a few people who (sometimes without realizing that it is because of this) get health problems from perfume.
That is why we make the above clear to our customers and ask you to take this into account as much as possible.
Of course you are still welcome in our shop if you’ve already put on some odor, but in this way we hope to limit the amount to a minimum.

Also for your own health
You may also want to take good care of your own health and switch to products that do not harm your (and others their) health. On the internet there is plenty of information about the harmful (and even forbidden) substances, used in perfume (and also in soap, shampoo, nail polish, hair spray, cologne, aftershave, detergent, bleach powder, bleach, fabric softener, air freshener, scented candles, petrolatum, lotion and deodorant). If you want to use products with a smell that is not harmful, then Neobio, Urtekram, Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, Sodasan and Ecover are some brands that you can use.
And again, never take the term ‘natural’ on products to serious, because the regulations do not mean anything at all.

Do you want to take this into account?
If yes, than in advance we say: thank you very much.

Warm Reikigreetings,
Marcel, Annette and Robert

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