>> We are open by appointment as usual. Read the further information below.
If you want to order something, pick it up or have something sent to you, that is also possible. Please contact us by telephone for more information about this.

Shop only open on appointment
When we introduced Private Shopping by Appointment becasue of the measures for Covid-19, it quickly became apparent that this was experienced as very pleasant by both our customers and us.
It takes little effort to call for an appointment, but on the other hand there are many advantages.
The ‘opening hours’ listed at Google are not our fixed opening hours. These are the times when we are usually the easiest to reach.

Practical information and requests for a shopping appointment

– Normally we make appointments for half an hour. Do you think you need longer? Please indicate this when making the appointment.
– Payment can be in cash or by pin. Note: contactless / telephone payment or payment by Creditcard is not possible (so you need your bank card to pin).
– If you have a cold or flu complaint, don’t come. You can also contact us by telephone to see if we can send something to you.
– In the unlikely event that you cannot come, we would greatly appreciate it if you let us know. We can often make someone else happy with the vacant space.
– Do you want to do us a big favor? You can do this by not wearing any perfume or similar on the day you come to us.

– If you do not want to or cannot come to our store, but you do need something, it is also possible to have it sent to you.
– Private shopping by appointment is sometimes also possible outside normal opening hours. We’ll just see what is possible together.

Click here to call us for an appointment (only works on smartphones) – Best available on Tuesday to Saturday between 11h00 and 18h00 or just leave a message –

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