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Last update: May 7
The government’s measures to slow down the spread of the corona virus are also affecting us, both for the courses, the practice and the store.
Below you can read which changes / adjustments we have introduced for this period. This page is updated whenever there are any changes.

….Changes / adjustments in our store
….Changes / adjustments in our practice for Reiki treatments
….Changes / adjustments in our courses, training, etc.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us by phone.

Changes / adjustments in our store

We’ve found a way to adhere to the Covid-19 regulations while offering our customers a comfortable way to visit our shop: Private shopping.
This means that our shop is now open by appointment only. However, we ask our customers to adhere to the rules listed below, because otherwise we may be fined and/or have to close our shop if we’ll be checked. In addition to being able to shop privately, the advantage of having an appointment is that you do not have to wait outside until another customer is finished shopping.
If you want to make an appointment to visit our shop, you can call us.
We make appointments for half an hour. Do you think you need longer? No problem, but please indicate this when making the appointment.
If you do not want to or cannot come to our store, but you do need something, it is also possible to have it sent to you.

Coming to our store by appointment is also possible outside normal opening hours. So also, for example, on the first or second Easter day.

When visiting our shop by appointment, the following rules apply:
– Do not enter the store with more than two people at the same time.
– Muscle tests are not possible during this period. We can of course provide good advice or do the test for you.
– We request customers to pay by pin. After every pin transaction we clean the pin device.
– Only come if you really intend to buy something.
– If you have a cold or flu complaint or if you have been in contact with someone with such complaints in the past two weeks, do not come. You can also contact us by telephone to see if we can send something to you.
– Preferably do not take children to the store.
– Our shop is then cleaned / disinfected after each visit.
– This has nothing to do with corona, but it is very pleasant for us if you do not put on perfume or sortlike things on the day you come to us.

Changes / adjustments in our practice for Reiki treatments

From Monday, May 11 it is again possible to make an appointment for a Reiki treatment. When making the appointment, we’ll discuss any adjustments that have been made and also what you feel most comfortable with.
If you want a Reiki treatment, but do not feel comfortable with the idea because of the Corona, then know that it is also possible to make an apointment for a
distant Reiki treatment.
This treatment is the same in all respects as when you come to us to receive treatment, except that in this case you stay at home (or wherever you are) and lie down quietly. The effect of the treatment will also be the same.
If you wish more information or want to make an appointment, please contact us us by phone.

Changes / adjustments in our courses, training, etc.

Courses and activities will be scheduled again from the end of May. Due to the limited space, this will always be in small groups. For example, Reiki information evenings will be scheduled with a maximum of four people. If tmore people want to come, we’ll just schedule an extra evening.
The activities for which it is not yet possible to do this to the fullest if we take into account the safety of the participants, will not be planned for the time being.

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