Opening hours

nederlands-netherlands-flagOpening hours

The opening hours of our Spiritual shop are:

      • 63Wednesday to Saturday from 12h00 to 18h00.
      • > Because we only have a small shop and it is therefore difficult to maintain a correct policy with regard to the measures of the government at the moment, we have decided to close the shop until Thursday April 9th. From Friday afternoon, April 10th, we’ll only be open by appointment, for as long as the measures are maintained. Here you can read more info about this

During these times both our Reiki center and our shop are available by phone.

Perfume free please: If you know in advance that you’ll come to our shop, than know that we really appreciate it if you don’t use any odor that day. Would you like to know why? Than you can read this here

The days on which Marcel and Annette can schedule Reiki treatments are: Wednesday to Sunday during daytime.

Reiki cursussen en behandelingen in Den Haag