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Taking your time
It may sound crazy in this modern, rushed times. But with us it is not possible to just sign up for a Reiki course. There is a lot of nonsense about Reiki on the internet and in books. Often also with a commercial approach. That is precisely why we ask everyone to first come for a Reiki information evening. Then you know where you end up and whether this is what you want to practice daily in your life. The step to be initiatiated in first degree is not something to be rushed. It is also not a course to add to your list.

Restoring the connection with life energy
It is easy to learn Reiki. Everyone has the opportunity to use this energy. Only we as humans have not learned for centuries that we are connected with this energy. We have lost our contact with the universal life energy. In itself, this is still sufficient to keep us alive. It is just not enough to also be used for our health and mental-emotional development.

Flowing freely through daily practice
In a Reiki course, contact with the Reiki energy is restored. This is done through the initiations and also through the practice. On the one hand, it will flow freely again. On the other hand, you will learn how to apply Reiki effectively in a simple way. This for yourself as well as for others. The basis of the practice of Reiki is giving yourself a treatment daily. In this way you give Reiki the opportunity to work on deeper and deeper levels. Certainly the longer you practice,

Three degrees
The Usui systeem van Reiki (in Japanese: Usui Shiki Ryoho) has three degrees of studentship. Each degree of Reiki forms a complete whole. So no degree makes it necessary to do the next degree.

The First Degree Reiki Course
The Reiki I class is given in four sessions. Each about three hours, on four consecutive days. During these days you are physically present in the course *. In this Reiki course you will receive an initiation every day. So four in total. This gives Reiki free access again. During these initiations, your whole being remembers the value of the life energy and re-aligns with it.
* Although it is sometimes offered, online teaching or teaching through books is not part of the Usui system of Reiki. It is also not possible to be initiated into Reiki online.

In addition to the initiations, the following are explained and taught (and also practiced in terms of treatments):

  • What is Reiki? And how does it work?
  • The history of Reiki.
  • The Reiki self-treatment.
  • Giving a Reiki treatment to others. This includes treating chronic conditions and all that is involved in the treatment.
  • Reiki in acute cases. Sometimes called first aid Reiki.
  • Giving treatments to children.
  • The treatment of animals and plants.
  • The Reiki Precepts and how to apply them in your daily life.

We will also explain more about Usui system of Reiki and of course there is room for questions.
A Reiki course is usually experienced as pleasant and warm. It gives you a start to a beautiful and valuable practice of Reiki.

>>It is possible that because we have a shop, you have the idea that we’ll also teach about gemstones or chakras in the Reiki course. This is not something that belongs in the teaching of Reiki.

Practical information
Are you thinking about taking the first degree? Then it is important to have the intention to give yourself a total self-treatment. Preferably daily. This may feel like discipline in the beginning. Later it will be a beautiful gift to yourself that will surely pay off.

The Reiki I course is given in our Reiki Center in The Hague on four sessions. One session a day on four consecutive days.

  • Thursday and Friday from 19h15 to ca. 22h15,
  • Saturday and Sunday from 10h15 to ca. 14h00.

The size of the group is a minimum of two and a maximum of eight participants.

Other dates od location
In addition to the scheduled course, it is possible to schedule a Reiki I course on Tuesday to Friday morning. This is with a minimum of four participants. In addition, it can be done in consultation at another location in the Netherlands.

In the Usui system of Reiki there is a set price for the Reiki classes. The first degree costs € 200,=.

Getting Acquainted
As mentioned, we advise everyone who wants to participate in a Reiki course to first come to a Reiki information evening to get acquainted. Than we also know for sure that you are aware of what the practice of Reiki entails. On this page you will also find information about making an appointment for a personal meeting if you prefer. Do you want to contact us by phone for questions? Or visit our store for this? Then that is of course also possible.

Learn more about how the Usui system of Reiki is taught and the characteristics of this practice of Reiki.

Below are the dates of the upcoming Reiki I courses in English. These are given by Marcel Vis.
Annette’s attention with Reiki is now being asked for other things. That’s why she doesn’t give courses for a while.
See also the Planning courses and activities.

November 16 to 19, 2023
January 18 to 21, 2024

We also work together with Reiki Works

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