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Being connected to the Life Energy
Learning Reiki is simple. You don’t need specialusui shiki ryoho skills or anything. Everyone has the possibility to use this energy. However, for centuries, we as human beings are not thought that we can use this energy by the laying on of hands in self treatment and treatment of others and we’ve lost our connection with the universal life energy. As a result, it is still sufficiently there to keep us alive, but not enough to also use it for our health and personal and spiritual development.
In a Reiki class, the connection with the Reiki energy is restored, allowing it to flow freely. Together with this, you will learn how to effectively apply Reiki for yourself and others. The basis of the daily Reiki practice is the self-treatment. By doing this, you’ll give Reiki the opportunity to, over time, reach deeper and deeper levels of your being.

The Class
The Usui systeem van Reiki (in Japanese: Usui Shiki Ryoho) is divided into three degrees. Each degree of Reiki is complete, so no degree requires that you’ll also take the next degree.

The Reiki I class is given in four sessions, each about three hours, on four consecutive days.
In this Reiki class, you’ll get an initiation every day, so four in total. During these initiations, your whole being remembers the value of this life energy and connects itself with it again. Because of this, Reiki can now flow freely.

Next to the initiations, the following things are explained / taught (and practiced as well):

  • What is Reiki and how does it work?
  • The history of Reiki.
  • The Reiki self-treatment.
  • Giving treatments to others (including treatment of chronic conditions and what it entails to give a treatment).
  • Reiki in acute cases (First aid Reiki).
  • The treatment of children.
  • The treatment of animals and plants.
  • The Reiki Precepts and how to practice them in your daily life.

(Although it is possible that because we have our shop, you’ll have the idea that we’ll also teach about precious stones or chakras in a Reiki class, this is not something that belongs in the teaching of Reiki).

In addition, we will explain more about Usui system of Reiki and of course there is room for questions.
A Reiki class is usually experienced as nice and warm and gives you a start in a beautiful and valuable practice of Reiki.

Practical information
When you think about taking the first degree, it is important to also intend to give yourself a total self-treatment, preferably daily. In the beginning, this may feel like discipline. Later it will be a beautiful gift to yourself that will surely pay off.

The first degree Reiki class is given in our Reiki centre in The Hague on four consecutive days.
The Reiki classes in English are always scheduled in agreement, with a minimum of two participants.

The Usui system of Reiki has a set price for the Reiki classes. The first degree costs € 200,=.

Getting Acquainted
We advise anyone who wants to participate in a Reiki class in English to make an appointment for a ‘Reiki information session’. By doing so, we can get acquainted and we’ll also know that you are aware of what the practice of Reiki consists of.
This appointment will take about an hour and is free of charge.
If you have any questions before making an appointment, please contact us.

The Reiki classes in our Reiki center are give by Marcel Vis.
Because Annette her attention with Reiki is asked elsewhere, she is not giving Reiki classes at this moment.

At this moment there is a Reiki class in English scheduled on June 3 to 6.
Please contact us for more information, times or registering.

We also work together with Reiki Works

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