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We ask anyone who is thinking about doing a Reiki course to come to a Reiki information session first. On the one hand, this way we can get to know each other personally. On the other hand, you get a good impression of where the course is given and whether you feel comfortable here. This is not only important, but also very personal for everyone.

Correct information
By coming to an information appointment, we also know that you have a good impression of Reiki. Both about the practice of Reiki and what it means in your daily life. This is nice, among other things, because there is more nonsense written about Reiki on the internet and in books than correct things. Choosing a Reiki course is not something to do in a hurry. It is not taught in the same way everywhere.

Short Questions
If you just have some short questions about Reiki, we can usually take some time for that in our shop (please indicate this when making the shop appointment) or by phone. From there you can still choose to come to a Reiki information appointment.

Content of the appointment
During the Reiki information appointment we can give you a good impression of Reiki. Both about the energy and what the practice of Reiki entails. We will tell you more about:

  • Reiki in general.
  • The history of Reiki.
  • The traditional, original system of Reiki.
  • The purpose of Reiki.
  • The healing effect on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • What the courses look like.
  • The practical practice/application in your daily life.
  • What is expected of you if you want to learn Reiki.
  • Our personal path with Reiki (if interested)

And of course we also take the time to answer questions.

Reiki treatment
In addition to this information, we recommend that you have received at least one Reiki treatment from someone who practices this system of Reiki. Then you know what it feels like before you choose to practice Reiki yourself. This can be a Reiki treatment from a family member or friend or you can make an appointment with us for this.

Practical information
The Reiki information sessions in English are by appointment. This can be during the week or during the weekend during the day. Because Annette’s attention with Reiki is now being asked for other things, she is not giving any courses at the moment. That is why the information sessions are currently only done by Marcel. The appointment can be for you alone and of course you can also come with more people.
The Reiki information appointments are completely free of charge and without obligation.
It is also possible to arrange a Reiki treatment afterwards (please indicate this clearly when making an appointment, so that we can reserve sufficient time for it).

Schedule a Reiki course in English
A Reiki course in English can be scheduled with a minimum of two participants. If there are no registrations at the time of the appointment, we can put you on the list until the next registration is added.

If you wish to make an appointment for the Reiki information session, please contact us by phone.

We also work together with Reiki Works

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