nederlands-netherlands-flagSchedule Courses and Activities

Below you will find an overview of the various activities with the dates on which they are scheduled (subject to changes). Most of the activities are in Dutch. If there is a *E after the name, translation can be provided.
The Reiki courses in Englisch are scheduled in agreement with a minimum of two participants (during the weekend and two weekdays, or during four weekdays – approx. 3 hours each day).

Februari Maart April Mei
Reiki I Class Dutch 9 t/m 12 9 t/m 12 12 t/m 16 18 t/m 21
Reiki II Class Dutch 23 t/m 26 20 t/m 23
Reiki I Class English
Reiki II Class English 23 t/m 26 20 t/m 23
Reiki Info-evening Dutch vr 24 wo 22 wo 26
Reiki treatment evening *E do 2 / zo 19 vr 3 / za 18 di 4 / ma 17 di 2 / zo 14
Reiki self-treatment evening *E
Reiki precepts course Dutch
Reiki Retreat Midweek Dutch
Ki Training *E zo 5
Ki Practice session *E ma 6 zo 7
DVD evening English/Dutch

If you would like more information about something, please contact us by telephone.

Information about and dates of the Reiki classes given by Robert Kramps, can be found here .

Reiki cursussen en behandelingen en spirituele winkel in Den Haag