nederlands-netherlands-flagSchedule Courses and Activities

Below you will find an overview of the courses and activities that are given in English.
Reiki courses in English are scheduled with a minimum of two participants. If there is no date in the list below at the moment and you wish to attend a Reiki course, please contact us. Maybe we can schedule one soon.

Here you can find the schedule for the courses in Dutch.

Juni Juli Augustus September
Reiki I class 20 t/m 23 14 t/m 17
Reiki II class 22 t/m 25 17 t/m 20
Reiki Information evening vr 7 vr 1
Reiki Treatment morning/evening* di 13 / ma 26 zo 9 / ma 24 wo 9 / do 24 di 5 / za 23
Reiki Precepts course
Ki Training zo 11 zo 24
DVD evening wo 21 vr 25

* When the date is on weekdays, it is in the evening. If the date is on a Saturday or Sunday, it is in the morning. More information and times can be found here.

If you would like more information about something, please contact us by phone.

We also work together with Reiki Works.

Reiki cursussen en behandelingen en spirituele winkel in Den Haag