Gemstone Jewelry in Spiritual shop de Oorsprong Den Haag

nederlands-netherlands-flagJewelry with Gemstones

Our Spiritual shop in The Hague is open by appointment – read more here. To have something send to you is also possible.

Unique designs
In our spiritual shop in The Hague we offer an extensive collection of silver gemstone jewelry and several pieces made with fossils and seashells. The pieces are designed in the Netherlands and created with high quality gemstones. What makes these pieces special is that they are all uniquely designed. During the creation process, the gemstone is the center piece instead of creating a piece of making the gemstone fit to match the designed jewelry. All jewelry pieces are made from high quality (925) silver. The silver is free from nickel (the element that can cause skin irritation or silver allergy). We sell hangers, bracelets, rings and earrings. Furthermore, we sell different kinds of jewelry made from Amber without silver.
We offer an extensive

Personally selected
Just like our gemstone collection, we personally select the silver gemstone jewelry with love and attention, piece by piece. We take notice of de beauty and quality of the gemstone or fossil and the design of the jewel.

Options and advice
For the hangers we offer various options to wear the pendant, such as a nice black rubber necklace with a silver clasp, a simple silver chain or a plain leather cord.
For those that don’t just wear the jewelry because it looks nice and would like to experience the effects of the gemstone as well, all pieces are made with an open backside such that the gemstone is not fully covered in silver.
You are welcome to visit our shop to pick a piece of jewelry that suits you and we are happy to assist you with honest advice.

Only real gemstones and names
Not only the silver is real, but also the gemstones we sell. With us you will not find lasered, painted, man-made, synthetic gemstones, glass or plastic. You will not find names such as Andara Obsidian / blue Obsidian (= colored glass), Aqua aura (Chemically treated/destroyed rock crystal) or Azeztuliet in the list below. It is possible that we sell the gemstone you are looking for under the official name (and probably a lot cheaper :-)). > Here is a book tip if you would like to know more about recognizing forgeries and fantasy names.

An overview
Below you will find an overview of the gemstones that we also have silver jewelry of, including a few pictures to give you an impression of the pieces we sell. This is a small selection of our collection just to give you an impression (please note: the colors may vary per screen). There is always a possibility that we added new gemstones to our shop that we have not yet mentioned on our website, so if you are looking for a gemstone that is not listed here, please contact us by phone.

Abalone Schell
Chalcedony, blue
Herkimer Diamond with Lapis Lazuli
Jade, green
Moldavite *
Moonstone (rainbow Moonstone)
Opal – Boulder Opal
Opal – white Noble Opal
Petrified Wood
Rock crystal
Rose Quartz
Rutile Quartz
Tourmaline, multi collor
Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmalin

* Because Moldavite is often counterfeited, you will receive a certificate of authenticity from us.

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