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The path of your inner self
A unique activity with the goal to gain clarity in your personal path of development and healing with Reiki. Not only can you allow more healing from here, you can also move more easily with where you deepest Self wants to go to with the help of Reiki. (The word Reiki in this text is intended to refer to the energy of Life / the divine / the essence and not to refer to the practical practice.)

The Game of Transformation provides insight in a playful way. The game represents, as it were, in miniature the journey of your inner self through life. It helps you to become aware of your stronger qualities, your blockages and lessons to learn. It also gives clarity in how you function on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, how you look at your own life and what you create in it. You will discover more about how you respond to those experiences and how you can apply those insights for your personal growth.

The common essence
The ‘game’ always starts with choosing your own game goal (your intention). During this day we have a common game goal as essence, carried by Reiki. From there, everyone forms a unique game goal in their own words, so that it is still personal. The general collective essence is ‘what is my personal path of wholeness?’
When you have registered for this activity, you will receive help with formulating your own game goal as well as possible, so that Reiki can support you optimally while playing the game.

Your travel companion
Your game goal will remain in your mind as long as you play and your experiences throughout the game will provide you with clarity, understanding, feedback and new insights regarding your game goal. By playing the Transformation Game these days you can discover new dimensions in your life with Reiki and allow healing and changes where necessary. Marcel will guide the game this day and as it were – as a representative of Reiki – be your travel companion on your life path.

Eliminate confusion
To avoid confusion by the word ‘game’: it cannot be compared to having a nice evening playing a board game. While it’s certainly fun too, the emphasis is on transformation. It is also not possible to get in each other’s way during this game, to throw each other off the board or whatever. You just always stay on your own life path and support each other every now and then.

Practical information
Experiencing Reiki through the Transformation Game is taught by Marcel Vis in our Reiki Center in The Hague.
This activity is divided into two parts: – Saturdays from 4 pm to 6 pm and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm at the latest.
The game for this day has been slightly adapted to the general joint direction, so that there is even more room for insight into your personal path with Reiki.

The costs are € 140,= *, incl. coffee/tea, etc. Lunch is not included.
The maximum number of participants is 8 people.
The course is open to all Reiki students, regardless of where you took the Reiki course.

The condition for participation is that you give yourself a complete self-treatment at least four times a week.

If you wish to do this activity in English, please contact us for more information or registering.

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