Phyllis Furumoto about becoming a Reiki Master

Phyllis Lei Furumoto about becoming a Reiki Master

What does it mean when someone says, “I want to become a Reiki Master?”
This question usually indicates that a person has a great love for Reiki, that Reiki has touched him deeply, and that he wants to dedicate his life to the practice of the Usui System. Being a Reiki Master is not the only way to do this.
Being a Reiki Master is not a new kind of job. It is a step further into your own self-discovery and development. It is also a further commitment to the practice of the Usui System.

It is common in the world today to enter the path of Reiki Master quickly, without much preparation. Based on their many years of experience, Phyllis Furumoto and Paul Mitchell recommend a different approach, one that allows the student to “ripen” in the energy of Reiki.

Things to consider as you prepare for Reiki Master initiation:

What motivates you to take this step?
There is no answer to this question, and there are many answers. Recognizing whether one feels an inner calling is the first step of all students pursuing this path. Depth of self-knowledge is a necessity.

Understand the practice of “Master”
The foundation practice of the Master is treatment of self and others. Classes are formed out of your own Reiki practice and your willingness to surrender to the will and guidance of Reiki as the energy of life. There is no need to advertise or coerce people to come to Reiki. Examine your motivations carefully

Find out the complete practice of the Usui System
It is imperative that you know what the actual practice of the System is and that, as a Master, you continue to practice this system without conscious and willful changes.

Consider who will initiate you
Select the Master who will train you with care and self-knowledge. Choose someone who has many years of experience and has reached a place of maturity in his/her own mastery. The Master needs to have a connection with this lineage and a strong commitment to this system. Choose someone who has completed his/her own financial commitment of 10.000 euro.
Find a Master who has the strength to challenge you and enough clarity to guide you into the places where you are unclear. Choose someone with whom you feel a foundation for a relationship that will grow and mature over the years of being together.

Use time as your friend and ally
Don’t be afraid to take years and years to make this decision and to complete your process. It is not a sign of success to have a fast initiation. Take the time to ripen. If you are to be a Master, this desire and calling will not go away. It will come back to you over and over again. It will come from deep inside of you; it will be more than just a good idea. You will recognize the strength of your commitment to this system expressed through your many years of practice.

Things you can do to further your path of Reiki while you think about this decision
Treat yourself every day, no matter what.
Attend classes of Masters. Become acquainted with the many variations of Reiki and seek to discover which fits for you.
Organize classes for those Masters you choose to learn from.
Begin building a support system of people who will treat you on a regular basis, a counselor who is not symptom based, and a time each day set aside for you.
Address issues around money.

Phyllis Furumoto offered further explanation during a talk given in Melbourne, Australia:
“What I want when you enter the community of Masters is that you are clear about your commitment. I want you to be prepared to deal with all the different circumstances that are present in the Reiki world today. I want you to be able to teach from years of your own experience, not have to borrow from your Master’s experiences, or from experiences in other disciplines.
I want you to have worked out how your family is going to cope with your being a Reiki Master. I want you to be present to your mastery as fully as possible, without wondering if you have made a mistake.

“Of course, anybody can accept an initiation in whatever timing they choose. But what I want for you is preparation so that you can fully accept this initiation, and that it comes in your own timing. This is an established part of the Usui System. Having a Master’s initiation in a weekend with someone you don’t know is not a part of this System.

“It is true that masters all over the world have not waited a long time before being initiated, have not been fully prepared to take on the mantle of Reiki Master. It is a very different world in Reiki today than it was 15 or 20 years ago. I find in myself that the largest difference is in knowing what I would want for you now, and what I would want for myself if I were you.
“It is my desire to share what I have learned about mastery over the last 18 years (this talk was given in 1997), and to be able to use this knowledge with responsibility. It is important for me to open your minds to the possibility of taking this step thoughtfully, slowly, mindfully, and to add my encouragement for you to follow this path in this way.”

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