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Amethist geodes

Safe discharging
Unfortunately, on the internet, social media and in bad books about gemstones, wrong ways are regularly indicated to discharge or clean your gems. Some of these are even harmful to the gemstone. Most of this information is just blindly copied from each other without any background knowledge. When selling a gemstone, we always provide the information you need. In addition, we hope that you also like to take good care of the stone that you have bought. So even though this may have been elsewhere, we’d like to point out below how to safely discharge (also called cleaning) and charge gems.

Maintaining your gemstones
A gemstone will help you with the qualities it radiates. In addition, it will also receive information that radiates from you (such as tension). If you don’t discharge the gem, it will fill up with it. Over time, it will then become dull and will eventually “die” or crack. Do you want to keep the stone in good condition? Then it is important to discharge it regularly.

What you should NOT do!
Below are a few frequently advised methods that you better not use.

  • Salt water or directly in salt
    NEVER put your gemstone in salt or salt water! This is the best way to destroy your gem! The salt has an extremely strong discharging effect. In addition, the salt will penetrate into the pores of the stone. The gem is then affected from the inside and the discharge continues. Whatever is written, do not do this with any gemstone.
  • Fire or earth
    Also, never discharge your gems with fire or into the earth. This can also damage or affect your gemstone. This is due to the acids in the earth or because your gemstone cannot withstand heat.
  • Full moon
    You often come across this advice. It can’t hurt in itself, but it won’t do much either. Only the gemstones that have an effect on the water balance, like most feldspars, are sensitive to this. In addition, the moon in the Netherlands is simply too far from the earth to have a real effect.
  • Rinse with water
    Not all gemstones can withstand water. It can do no harm with the other stones, but it does almost nothing with the recorded information. Water won’t do much more than remove static electricity.
  • Selenite
    It is also a hype to mention that you can discharge gems on Selenite. Selenite inhibits energetic processes and also relieves tensions when applied for a short time. This makes it seem as if it also has a cleansing/discharging effect, but this is not the case. It will not extract the recorded information from the gemstone. Also, a Selenite cannot be used to charge the stone.
  • Incense or Sage
    This method is not harmful in itself and does have some effect. The smoke just won’t be able to penetrate deep into the stone. The time that the stone is in the smoke is also much too short. So this is also not an effective method.

The proven method
The best, easiest and safest method is with Amethyst. You do this by placing a gemstone on an Amethyst cluster ( rough Amethyst with points) or in an Amethyst geode (rough Amethyst ‘cave’). Amethyst ‘erases’ the recorded information and ensures that the gemstone becomes completely ‘clean’ again. Amethyst does not work as a kind of waste bin. The Amethyst does not absorb any of this information, but just neutralizes it, as it were. So you can use the Amethyst for all your precious stones, jewelry, etc. As long as the raw Amethyst is large enough that your gemstone will fit on it, it will suffice. It is of course important that the Amethyst itself is also in good condition. You can recognize this by the purple color (the darker, the stronger) with a clear shine.

Alternative method
Hematite is also suitable for discharge. However, this method is a bit more cumbersome. The Hematite must then be immediately placed in Rock Crystal to recharge it.

The only exception is Amber. This is because this is actually not a stone, but a fossil resin. Amber is discharges by placing it in the bright afternoon sun. This is actually disastrous for most stones, but not for Amber.

Discharge multiple gems
Want to discharge multiple gems at the same time? You can if your Amethyst cluster or geode is large enough. The gems you want to discharge must then be able to be a little bit apart from each other.

When to discharge
The most convenient and ideal is to discharge the gem every night when you go to sleep. That way it stays in top condition.

Amethyst in your home
Although we also think it’s downright beautiful, there are several reasons why we also sell large Amethysts. A larger Amethyst placed will also do a lot in your home, office, practice or course room. In addition to the effect of Amethyst, it will neutralize tensions and energies that do not belong there. Your house or other space will therefore be kept energetically clean.

Charging gems
Do you want to give the gemstone some extra power after discharging? Then you can charge it by placing it on a Rock crystal cluster for a while.
The early morning or late evening sun (never the bright afternoon sun) can also be used for this. This is with the exception of gemstones that cannot withstand the sun. This concerns, for example, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Calcite, Opal, etc. You can then simply leave the gemstone in the sun behind the window for an hour. However, discharging is more important than charging.

Sources (and recommended book): Michael Gienger

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