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Safe discharging
We often notice that people discharge their gemstones in a way Amethist geodesthat is harmful to the stones. Usually this happens because they have read false information in books and on websites that unthinkingly copy information from other sites.
Because we think it’s a shame that gemstones get damaged and a pity for the people that love gemstones, we have devoted a page to explain how to safely discharge (also called cleansing) and charge your gemstones.

Maintaining your gemstones
When you carry a gemstone with you or hold it frequently, the stone will help you with the healing properties it radiates. Furthermore it will absorb information from you (such as tension). If you don’t discharge the gemstone, it will get filled up with your energy and become dull over time and eventually ‘die’ or crack.
If you want to keep the stone in good condition it’s important to discharge it regularly.

What you should NOT do!
No matter the (well-intended) recommendations you can find online or in books, NEVER put your gemstones in salt water! This is in fact the best way to destroy your gemstones! The salt will enter into the pores of the stone and will damage it from within. No matter the advice, don’t do this with any gemstone.
Also don’t discharge it in fire or soil or put it into salt directly. This can damage your gemstones as well (for example due to the acidity of the soil or because your stone cannot withstand heat).

Methods such as placing it in moonlight, rinsing it with water or soaking it in water (regardless of whether it’s raining and if the particular gemstone can withstand water) are harmless but the stones also barely benefit from the information that is absorbed. Water won’t do much more than remove static electricity.
It is also said that you can discharge gemstones on Selenite. Selenite inhibits energetic processes and ensures that they run more calmly and also relieves tensions for short periods of use. This makes it seem as if it also has a cleaning / discharging effect, but this is not the case. It will not extract the absorbed information from the gemstome.

The proven method
The easiest and safest method is to place your gemstone on an Amethyst cluster (an unpolished Amethyst with points) or inside an Amethyst Geode (an unpolished Amethyst shaped like a small cave). Hematite is suitable as well (but you will have to put the Hematite in Rock Crystal immediately after in order to charge it again, so this process is a little less straightforward).
Amethyst ‘erases’ the absorbed information and ensures that the gemstone becomes completely ‘clean’ again. It’s not as if the Amethyst acts like some sort of garbage bin, the Amethyst itself doesn’t absorb any of the information but simply neutralizes it. This means you can use the Amethyst for all of your gemstones, jewelry etc. As long as the unpolished Amethyst is large enough to fit your gemstone, this is sufficient. However, it’s important that the Amethyst is in good condition. You can recognize this by the purple color (the darker the stronger) with a clear shimmer.
The only exception is Amber because this is actually not a stone but a fossil resin. You can discharge Amber by placing it in the bright afternoon sunlight (a method that is disastrous for most gemstones).

It’s most convenient and ideal to discharge the gemstone every night when you go to sleep. This way it will stay in top condition.

– A larger Amethyst placed inside the house will also neutralize tensions and energies that don’t belong there and keep your house or room energetically clean – .

If you would like to give your gemstone a boost after discharging it, you can charge it by placing it on a Rock Crystal cluster for a while.
Early morning- or late evening sunlight (never bright afternoon sunlight) can also charge a gemstone; just place it behind the window for an hour or so, with the exception of gemstones that can’t withstand sunlight such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Calcite, Opal, etc.
Discharging is more important than charging.

Multiple gemstones
You can discharge multiple gemstones at once if your Amethyst cluster or geode is large enough and the gemstones can be placed on or in it with some space between them.

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