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The Beginning
A few years after his initiation as a Reiki Master, Marcel Vis decided to start with Reikicenter De Oorsprong. The name Oorsprong (in English Origin or Source) on the one hand refers to Reiki as the energy of Life and, on the other hand, to the original form of the Usui system of Reiki. For a number of years, Marcel worked independently in the Reikicenter, where giving Reiki classes and Reiki treatments were the point of focus, next to other activities.

In November 2003 it was time to expand the center. Annette Vis already gave Reiki treatments in the center, but also wanted to start a shop. So the step came towards a more official collaboration and the name was changed into Reikicenter & Spiritual Shop de Oorsprong.

Both the Reikicenter and the Spiritual Shop have grown over time. From our love and passion, what we stand for is also more crystallized. For the shop, this means that we are mainly specialized in precious stones and minerals. In addition, the concepts 100% natural, pure and fair take a central place. For example in our choice of the incense we sell.
In the Reikicenter, the Reiki classes and treatments alreay took the central place. Nevertheless, we chose to let go of a number of other activities, so more space was created for activities that support the practice of Reiki, such as the Reiki treatment evenings and the Reiki Precepts course.


Working together
In 2015 it was time to take the next step came, or better said, this emerged. It was time to work together with more people, in the first place to form a larger foundation of Reiki practitioners. From a graceful energy we have a common document of intentions in which we support each other and we keep to a code of ethics (only in Dutch for now) for the courses, activities and treatments. Additionally, everyone adds his/her own specialties to the center. Among others we work together with Reiki Works.
In the first place, it is still a Reiki center for Reiki classes and treatments. All other activities are also given in connection to this life energy.

In the menu, under ‘Who are We?’ you’ll see the names of the people who are working together in de Oorsprong. Next to any additional activities that may be offered, each of us offer Reiki treatments. On all pages on the site about the activities is mentioned by who this is offered.

We prefer personal contact. So if you want to know more about or have questions about Reiki classes, treatments, other activities or about our shop, please contact us (of course without obligation).

* The logo you see at the top of this text (and next to the menu on the left) is the logo that Marcel used for Reikicenter De Oorsprong from the very beginning. It is a personal seal that was made for him and was used primarily for the Reiki certificates, as a personal Japanese signature. It consists of characters in old seal script.
Because this stamp also expresses values that show what we, as De Oorsprong, represent, it was decided to also use this seal as a logo for De Oorsprong.

The meaning of the characters is:

  • Ki – Life force / What flows
  • Choku – Correct / Sincere
  • Shin – Heart-Mind / Trust

We ask you not to copy this logo, but to respect it as our personal signature.

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