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Reiki, the energy of life
When we speak about the concept of Reiki, it can refer to diffentent tings. We can talk about the Reiki Kanji (the Japanese characters), or about the energy, and sometimes about the way it is taught.
We can best explain Reiki as an energy, by looking at the Japanese word Reiki. You can easily translate it as Universal Life Energy : the energy of life itself. But this is a rather minimal description of the extraordinary power of Reiki. Although we can talk about it for days, it is something that remains inconceivable and inexplicable for us human beings.

Flowing life
We might occasionally stop and think about having a body, having thoughts and feelings. Maybe we even see how wonderful it is that all our organs collaborate and perform their functions. Of course we know, that to keep it going, we need food and drink and oxygen, among other things. What we mostly do not realise is that it also requires a constant flow of energy. This life force, that flows through our body naturally, we call Reiki. And the more it flows freely, the more healthy and happy we are and the more we can live the life that suits us naturally.

How does it work?
As people we are each one of us unique so Reiki will work in a unique way for every person. Therefore rather than reading books about it, it is more important to experience for yourself what it does. However, there are many similar experiences during a Reiki treatment or while people practice it for themselves.

The complete human being
Reiki supports the person as a whole. It is not specifically directed to chakras, organs, an illness or any separate part but to the complete human being. Reiki improves our health, deepens the joy in life, and creates balance when needed. The energy flows naturally to the cause of possible diseases, fears, or mental problems so that healing can start from the roots and help symptoms disappear. It helps you to become more aware of your body`s needs, and promotes personal and spiritual development.

You can experience Reiki by having one or more Reiki treatments and/or start practicing it after participating in a Reiki I class. You can read more about how Reiki works and how it is practiced on the page of the Usui System of Reiki and also on the other pages about Reiki.
Once a month there is an open evening/afternoon for information about Reiki.

You can also read more about Reiki here.

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