The Office of the Grandmaster

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With sadness and also deep gratitude for her legacy, we announce on this page that Phyllis Lei Furumoto had deceased on March 31st, 2019.
For now we leave the information below as it is…….

Spiritual lineage
The notion of Grandmaster originates from the Japanese culture. KnipselThis person represents the spiritual lineage of an art (in this case the healing art that we call the Usui System of Reiki). There is no appointment for this office. It is in fact transmitted by a flow of energy, after which the function is accepted through the acknowledgement of the present Grandmaster by the other Masters of the art.
The Grandmaster preserves the form of the system, embodies the soul of the practice and creates in energy a space for all students of the practice. Without the spiritual lineage Reiki would be just a technique.

Caring for the system
When in the 1980s many different forms of practice started to come in existence, Phyllis Lei Furumoto (the then Grandmaster) was often asked to define the Usui System of Reiki. Could she clarify what it is and what it is not, and so possibly resolve the confusion. This was one of the reasons to create the Office of the Grandmaster (thereafter referred to as the OGM) in 1993, in association with her Paulcolleague Reiki Master Paul David Mitchell.
On March 31st, 2019 Phyllis Lei Furumoto passed away. Shortly before that she appointed Johannes Reindl as her successor. Since then he works together with Paul David Mitchell to continue the Office of the Grandmaster.
The purpose of their cooperation is to strengthen and preserve the Usui System of Reiki.
In this way the OGM anchors the Usui System of Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho), and preserves and keeps the integrity and the potential of the simple practice of Reiki for future generations.
The OGM provides support and teachings to clarify the value of all elements of the Reiki system and deepen the understanding. They organise meetings with Reiki Masters and Reiki students to be together in this energy.

The above mentioned definition of the Usui System of Reiki will also be explained briefly on the page of the Usui System of Reiki.

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