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We are open by appointment – read more here. To have something send to you is also possible.

Spiritual shop ‘de Oorsprong’ (Dutch for ‘the Source’) is a small, cozy shop in The Hague, located in the same building as our Reiki-center*. Even though our shop is not very big, we offer a large collection of items. High quality, genuineness, fully natural, pure and honest are criteria we highly value and we enjoy being of service to our customers and giving them personal attention.

Here we have listed the items we sell in our shop but please note there is always a possibility that new items are not mentioned on our website yet. If you are looking for something that is not listed here, please contact us by phone.

Gemstones, Minerals, Crystals and Fossils
VanadanietIn our shop we mainly offer gemstones; we place high importance on excellent quality and beauty of the stones. All gemstones and fossils in our shop are selected with love and care by us personally – stone by stone. See also Gemstones and Fossils and other pages on gemstones under ‘Winkel’ in the menu above.

Gemstone jewelry
Barnsteen hanger zilver rondWe also offer an extensive collection of silver gemstone jewelry. The pieces are all uniquely designed in the Netherlands which makes them extra special. Each piece is created around the gemstone so the stone is the center of attention. We sell hangers, bracelets, rings and earrings. Apart from silver jewelry, we sell a lot of jewelry with Amber without silver. See Jewelry with Gemstones for an overview and impression of our collection.

Buddha’s and other oriental statues
Ganesha twee kleuren bronsQuality of the statues we sell is very important to us as well. A Buddha statue should for example exude a trace of a smile. With statues; such as Ganesha and Shiva, the attributes have to match and it is of course essential that they have a nice looking face, etc. We also offer a selection of silver hangers shaped like, among others, Buddha and Ganesha. Read more about the Buddha statues etc. here (not translated yet).

Shoyeido Incense
Shoyeido sunsetAside from the best quality, health and purity are important to us as well. It is for this and other reasons we chose to exclusively sell incense of the Japanese brand Shoyeido. On the page Shoyeido Incense (not translated yet) you can read why this is the best incense in our opinion. In addition to the wide selection of scents, we sell beautiful hand-crafted incense holders – made from wood and porcelain – of this brand.

Carbonit Water filters
carbonitAfter extensive research we came to the conclusion that Carbonit’s water filters are by far the best on the market. Carbonit makes high demands when it comes to the purity of water whilst at the same time taking user friendliness into consideration. So besides providing healthy drinking water, their products are easy to use. Because the filters were not available in the Netherlands, we decided to start selling them ourselves a couple of years ago. See also Carbonit Water filters (not translated yet).

Tingsha bells
TingshaTingsha are two circular chimes connected by a leather cord. Just like regular sound bowls they are generally made from seven different kinds of metal. With their sound, they help clear your head from thoughts and bring your attention back to the present. They are frequently used during meditations for this purpose. We sell different kinds of Tingsha bells, each has their own sound so we recommend you to personally pick one that sounds pleasant to your ears.

Smudging essentials (White Sage etc.)
white-sageWe sell dried Californian white sage – loose leaves as well as bundles – that can be burnt for several purposes such as smudging (energetic cleansing by means of smoke). We sell smudge-feathers and abalone shells as well.
None of the products are ‘made in Taiwan’, everything comes from Indian Reservations, is ‘fair trade’ and of honest origin.

Gift vouchers
cadeaubonWould you like to surprise someone with a gift voucher? We sell gift vouchers at any desired amount. Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

It is obviously impossible to name every single item we offer in winkel algemeenour shop, also because our collection changes every now and then. If you would like to know whether we have an item you are looking for, please contact us by phone.

We are only open by appointment. This way you can shop privately and the shop never gets too crowded. Please give us a call to make an appointment.

* The Reiki-center and shop both have the same entrance. Because this is a plain front-door and not a typical shop-entrance, (we don’t have a display window either), please ring the doorbell. You will enter the shop directly.

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