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The next step
If you practice the first Reiki degree for at least one year and treat yourself every day, you can choose to do the Reiki II class. This year of practice gives you, as a Reikistudent, the opportunity to integrate the first degree into your life, gain more experience with Reiki and see the deeper value of it. The step to the second degree of Reiki can then come from a natural place in yourself and a wish for a deeper connection with Reiki.
Also the Reiki II course and the practice of this Reiki degree is first of all for yourself.

“The second degree is a calling for some people, after at least a year of experience with the first degree. You are being given a deeper means of knowing who you are, of knowing yourself, of going further within, of stimulating all those different parts of yourself. It means you want to take your relationship with the Usui system of Reiki to a deeper level.”Phyllis Lei Furumoto

The Class
The second degree Reiki class is given in three days, spread over several days.
In the first session the sacred and secret of the Reiki symbols is explained, after which the three Reiki symbols are introduced. After this session, you’ll have a few days to make them your own and to practice.
In the other two sessions (spread over two consecutive days):

  • you’ll receive the initiation in the second degree.
  • the deeper function of the symbols in general, in relation to the relative and absolute universe, is explaned.
  • you’ll learn the deeper meaning and function of each Reiki symbol.
  • the use of each Reiki symbol for yourself and others is taught, including the mental healing and the distant treatment.
  • This will also be practiced and of course there is room for questions.

Among other things, this degree brings a distinct deepening and an additional dimension in the practice of Reiki, which also deepens your personal and spiritual development.

Not only does the second degree of Reiki give a deepening, it also demands more time and dedication from the Reikistudent. The time for the daily practice of Reiki will be longer. In addition, at the end of the Second degree Reiki class, you’ll get homework to daily practice mental healing and distance treatment for at least one month.

Practical information
The second degree Reiki class is given in our Reiki center in The Hague, in three sessions:

  • Wednesday or Thursday from 19h15 to approx. 20h45,
  • Saturday from 13h00 to approx. 16h30 and
  • Sundays from 13h00 to approx. 16h00.

TheUsui system of Reiki has a set price for the Reiki classes. The second degree Reiki class costs € 500, =.

When you intend to do a second degree Reiki class, we always invite you to a free and noncommital talk. In this conversation we’ll give more explanation about the second degree Reiki class and we will see if it is the right timing for you to take this step. Even if you’re not sure if you really want to take this step, but would like to make an appointment to hear more about the practice of the second degree, you’re welcome. To make an appointment, please contact us or visit our store.

The Reiki classes in our Reiki center are give by Marcel Vis.
Because Annette her attention with Reiki is asked elsewhere, she is not giving Reiki classes at this moment.

Below are the dates for the comming second degree Reiki classes.
You can also check our schedule for this.

October 19+21+22, 2023
December 21+23+24, 2023
Februari 29+ March 2+3, 2024

We also work together with Reiki Works

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