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The third degree in the Usui system of Reiki is called Reiki Master. This is not taught in a class.
The step towards being a Reiki Master can begin in many ways. It can be a desire to share this beautiful gift with others and in more ways. It can be a vague feeling that you want to take this step. Without understanding yet why. Many motivations are possible and time is the big ally here. Time gives you the possibility to see where your motivation comes from. Is it just a nice idea? Did you think ou would have more power or ben more of a ‘somebody’? Or is it really a calling from deep within that you just can’t deny?

full-time commitment
The one who feels the inner calling to become a Reiki Master eventually feels a deep intention to devote a large part of his/her life to Reiki and also provide Reiki classes. In this case, there is also a clear commitment to the Usui system of Reiki. Being a Reiki Master isn’t something to do on the side, it takes a full-time commitment. You also do not need this degree if you only want to develop further. You can do that very well with the first or second degree of Reiki. The Reiki Master degree does not necessarily give more strength or growth. It only gives this when there is a deeper dedication to the practice. This dedication is based on years of experience in the practice of the first and second degree of the Usui system of Reiki.

Which Master will guide you?
Do you feel this calling and do you indeed want to teach Reiki? Then the next question is by whom you would like to be guided and eventually initiated. It is important that this Reiki Master has been teaching for many (at least ten) years and gives himself or herself a complete self-treatment every day. The Reiki Master should support you from a deep trust in – and a lot of experience with Reiki. On the one hand, it is also important that you trust that this person will treat you with love and understanding. And on the other hand will challenge you where necessary to connect more with yourself and Reiki. This can, but does not have to be, the Reiki Master where you did your first or second degree.


The Reiki Master degree is not taught in a certain number of sessions. As a Reiki Master candidate you will go through a time of preparation in your daily life, under the guidance of your Reiki Master. This preparation takes as long as necessary. This can therefore be different for each individual. The minimum time is two years, but usually it will take three to six years.
In the Reikicenter de Oorsprong, Marcel Vis is the one who guides people on the path to Reiki Mastery. The step for him  to guide students on this path came after twenty years of experience in giving Reiki classes and treatments and daily practice. Marcel has also followed training at Phyllis Lei Furumoto for training Reiki Masters.
“Being a Reiki Master is not a new kind of job. It is a step further into your own self-discovery and development. It is also a further commitment to the practice of the Usui System, including giving Reiki classes.” – Phyllis Lei Furumoto

A conversation with Marcel
Do you have the feeling that being a Reiki Master is your path? Or do you have a potential interest in it and are you considering to ask Marcel to guide you along this path? Then the first step is to have one or more conversations to get clarity in what this path consist of and from there to make a conscious choice.
If you would like to have a first conversation (free of charge and costs), please contact us by phone.

If you want to read an article by Phyllis Lei Furumoto about the choice to become Reiki Master, click here.

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