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Moldavite en Libyan Desert Glass (gold-tektite)

Two special Tektites
Since last year, there has been more demand for Moldavite, a green variation of Tektite. Not surprising in itself because one of its properties is that it can bring about major changes. This is something that many people currently need. Another, less well-known, special Tektite is Libyan desert glass. This is also called gold tektite. This tektite also has similar transforming properties.

The origin of Tektite
Tektite means ‘melted’. It is a mineral group formed when terrestrial rock is melted by meteorite impacts and ejected into space. The force of the impact and the energy released is so great that the pieces of molten rock fly many hundreds of kilometers through the air. During that time they undergo an enormous transformation in a very short time and eventually fall to the earth as pieces of crystal. Most of the Tektites are black translucent. Only a few exceptions have a different color

Transforming Power
Most gemstones are formed over millions of years by, for example, subterranean volcanic activity. Tektite is suddenly created by the force of a meteor impact. As a result, Tektites also work strongly and quickly. They can transform a lot in a short time in the physical and mental area and also in living conditions.

Moldavite is green translucent, is found in the Czech Republic and was formed about 15 million years ago by the impact of two meteorites, which struck at the same time.
Moldavite accelerates healing processes. It has a liberating effect, deepens consciousness and helps you remember your purpose for existence. It frees from negativity and a feeling of being stuck.

We sell Moldavite in our shop as pendants, pendants is silver and rough. (See also note on Certificate of Authenticity below.)

Libyan Desert Glass
Libyan desert glass is yellow translucent and is found in western Egypt. It arose about 29 million years ago. The interest in Libyan desert glass goes back more than 3000 years. One of the artifacts from Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s burial chamber is a gold and jewel-inlaid breastplate. In it’s center it has a beautiful scarab carved from Libyan desert glass.

Libyan desert glass accelerates healing processes, helps to release fear, sadness and worries about money or possessions. It gives freedom, pleasure and relief. Libyan desert glass helps to focus on what is really important in life and on the meaning of your existence. It frees from negativity and a feeling of being stuck.

We sell Libyan desert glass in our shop in raw form. (See also note on Certificate of Authenticity below.)

Certificate of Authenticity
Unfortunately, many gemstones are also counterfeited. For example, rock crystal is laser processed and sold as Topaz or Smoky Quartz. Gllass is melted in an over with colored fibers in it to sell it as strawberry quartz. Poor quality gemstones are processed with metal in a cabin under high pressure and then the most special properties are attributed to it, while the stone has actually simply been destroyed. Colored glass is sold as the (non-existent) Andara Obsidian, and so on.

Especially with the rare and therefore precious gemstones – so also with Moldavite and Libyan desert glass – it often happens that well-meaning shops sell counterfeits. In addition, there are certainly on the internet (and in our opinion you should not want to buy gems online anyway) and on gemstone fairs many traders who see good trade in this. The two aforementioned gemstones are very accurately imitated with colored glass and cannot be distinguished from real ones with the naked eye.
That is why we give a certificate of authenticity with the Moldavite and Libyan desert glass we sell. This means that it has been examined for authenticity by a gemologist. If you would like to come and buy one (or more) of these gemstones from us, please make a shopping appointment.

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