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We are open by appointment – read more here. To have something send to you is also possible.

Quality and care
From the moment we opened our spiritual shop in the Hague in 2003, our collection of gemstones, minerals and fossils gradually grew and it mainly became a gemstone shop. From the very beginning we chose gemstones of good quality. A number of factors are very important to us. The gemstones that have a high quality and are in good condition are not only very beautiful, you can also feel the difference. Therefore all gemstones and fossils you will find in our shop have been selected with love and care by us personally – stone by stone.

Natural and real
Next to this, it is very important to us that gemstones are natural and genuine*. This is why we only sell gemstones that were formed in nature (a process of many thousands to millions of years). We don’t sell lasered, painted, man-made, programmed or synthetic gemstones and no glass, plastic, etc. either. For gemstones and fossils that are often counterfeited, you will receive a certificate of authenticity.
*Genuine also means that we don’t sell non-existing gemstones such as Andara Obsidian / blue or green Obsidian (which is colored glass sold under this name) or Aqua aura (chemically treated / destroyed rock crystal). In our shop you also won’t find gemstones with invented names that traders use to assign special properties to cheap gemstones and subsequently sell them at a high price. For example: Azeztuliet which is simply white quartz.

Fair origin
Not only quality and authenticity are important to us. That is why we only sell gemstones and fossils of fair origin. This means that they have been taken from the mountains and such with attention and respect for nature and that the working conditions and wages for the people are also fair. To take it a step further, we do not sell gemstones from areas where the proceeds from the gemstones may be used for war or unfair competition. (and for those who would like to know: these things were all checked by the Triodos bank (conscious bank) before we were allowed to open our account there).

Many kinds and shapes
Spiritual shop ‘de Oorsprong’ is a small and cozy shop where, even though it is not a very big shop, you will find a large collection of gemstones. Of most kinds we offer rough and polished (also called tumbled stones or comfort stones) gemstones and pendants. Of many kinds we also have spheres, eggs, sliced pieces, bracelets, donuts, lace pendants and jewelry.
On the page collection Gemstones & Fossils you can find an overview of the gemstones, minerals and fossils we normally sell in our shop. There is always a possibility that we have added new gemstones to the collection which are not yet mentioned on our website. So if you are looking for a gemstone that is not listed here, please contact us by phone.

An impression
To give you an impression of the gemstones we sell in our shop, you can find a couple of pictures at the bottom of this page (please note: the colors may vary a lot depending on what type of screen you are using). When you purchase a gemstone in our shop, you will receive a small card with a description of its healing properties if you are interested in this.
On the page discharging and charging gemstones you will find extensive information on how you can keep the gemstone in good condition.

Muscle test
There is a Dutch saying that can be translated to: ‘what does not benefit, does not harm’, this does not apply when it comes to gemstones because some of them are certainly not suitable for everyone. Therefore we can do a muscle test at our shop to check whether the gemstone you would like to buy is suited for you or not (and, if you know the person very well, the person you would like to buy the stone for). Even if you don’t know which gemstone you would like to buy or wear yet, the muscle test can indicate which gemstone is most suited for you for the coming period of time in your life. By letting us do a muscle test with you, you can prevent buying a gemstone that will have a weakening effect on you. Naturally, the type of gemstone you pick remains your choice.
When you buy a gemstone from the shop, the test is free. If you would only like to have the test done without buying a gemstone, the test will cost € 5,=.

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