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We are (independent of measures) as usual open by appointment – read more here. To have something send to you is also possible.

Special pieces
Within the collection of gemstones that we offer in our shop, we also have a couple of exclusive gemstones, minerals and fossils. Furthermore, there are many exclusive gemstones that we don’t have in our shop simply due to the lack of space but we can order these for you on request.

By exclusive gemstones, minerals and fossils we mean the following (among others):

  • Gemstones that are larger than regular sizes such as very large Amethyst geodes or Rock crystal clusters.
  • Rare gemstones.
  • Gemstones from special geological sites.
  • Gemstones of rare quality.
  • Rare, unique or very large fossils.
  • Gemstones of rare shapes or colors such as pink Fluorite.
  • We will give you a certificate of authenticity with gemstones and fossils that are more often counterfeited than others.

To give you an impression of what we offer in our shop, you will find a couple of examples of exclusive gemstones and fossils below (please note: the colors may vary a lot depending on what type of screen you are using).
Are you looking for a gemstone, mineral or fossil that is not listed here and are curious to know if we have it or can find it for you? Please feel free to contact us by phone.

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