Code of ethics for Reikicenter de Oorsprong in Den Haag

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When the people currently working in De Oorsprong started working together, a conscious decision was made to also adopt a document of intentions and a Code of Ethics. Although the things mentioned in this Code of Ethics were already self-evident to us, it felt like the right step to put them on paper and make them known. It gives clarity in the standards and values that each of us adheres to and how we want to use our skills in our activities. It shows the commitment of the Reiki Masters in the Origins to respect students and clients and to honor ourselves and each other. Outwardly, this Code clearly sets out what can be expected about the ethical behavior of Reiki Masters and practitioners who have adopted it.

Code of Ethics for Reiki Masters and practitioners in De Oorsprong:

1: I treat my parents, partner and children with respect for their individual needs and values.
• I value the support of my partner and family members on my life’s path and my support to them.
• I value honesty and integrity in relationships.

2: I treat my students and clients with respect for their dignity, individual needs and values.
• I work with my students and clients to the best of my ability without prejudice regarding their age, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or socioeconomic background.
• I value my sacred trust created with students and clients.
• I refrain from using my position as a Reiki Master/practitioner to begin or to provoke a sexual relationship with a student or client.
• I allow myself sufficient time to truly change the roles of each party (power dynamics) to equality before considering a romantic relationship with a student or ex-client.

3: I respect a student’s right to choose their initiating Master, a client’s right to choose their own Reiki practitioner and a client’s right to choose their own forms and path of healing.
• I respect my Reiki client’s faith in their own doctor or primary care provider.
• I support my students and clients without allowing my personal judgments to interfere. If I am unable to do this I will recommend that the student or client work with another Reiki Master or Practitioner.

4: I hold confidential all information about a student or client.
• I do not mention name or other personal information to third parties.
• I keep everything said by the student or client during a course or session or discussed with the student or client in the course or session completely confidential.

5: I maintain clear awareness.
• I refrain from abuse of alcohol and use of drugs.
• I am aware that my judgment and professional conduct may be impaired by use of alcohol and drugs; therefore I abstain from alcohol before and during professional activities and abstain from drugs altogether (including so-called spiritual/ceremonial drugs).

6: I continually enhance my professional qualifications, knowledge and skills.
• I recognize my own capabilities and limitations and state them accurately and fairly.

7: I maintain my trust in Reiki, my practice of Reiki, my Reiki Master en colleague practicioners.
• I cultivate conscious and clear communication, loving kindness and honesty. I speak what is true, useful and loving and refrain from speaking what is not.
• I do my best to practice the five Reiki Precepts and develop a deeper awareness of the value and meaning of these Precepts
• I value my relationship to a process larger than myself, recognizing that healing is something I can give to myself, and can learn from but never control.
• I support life rather than avoid death.

8: I respect the property of others, maintain my professional integrity and refrain from the misuse of money.
• I refrain from professional misconduct including plagiarism, inappropriate omission of information, and making false or deceptive statements.
• I refrain from using methods and disciplines professionally before I truly have my own deep experience with them. I acknowledge their source.

9: I acknowledge other disciplines and their practitioners.
• If necessary or desired, I will work with other Reiki Masters/practitioners or practitioners of other healing disciplines if this supports the client or student.
• I refrain from slandering, criticizing or otherwise derogatory comments towards practitioners of other disciplines. However, I will be honest about my experience with the possible harmful effects of certain methods if requested or if they do not go together with Reiki.

10: I take responsibility and accountability for all my decisions and actions as a Reiki Master or Reiki practitioner in society.
• I realize that all my actions and choices in behavior and communication have a potential effect on others; I teach by my own example.
• I promptly resolve actual or potential conflicts of interest.

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